Divisions Information
All divisions now play with the official Little League International Rules

Tee Ball (Co-ed 4 to 6): Often a family’s first introduction to Little League, providing a Tee Ball experience that is grounded in fun, fitness, and fundamentals is key to growing a child’s love for the game. We will use Little League's 10-week curriculum that has been shown to improve the experience for players, parents, and coaches.
More information on Tri-League Little League Tee Ball can be found at this link,

Coach Pitch (Co-ed 7 to 8): 
The Little League Coach Pitch Program was created to provide volunteer managers and coaches in the Little League Coach Pitch Division with the appropriate direction to organize and efficiently operate practices throughout the season. This 12-week program focuses on the fundamentals of baseball, and is designed to build a solid foundation for becoming a successful ballplayer, including the “emotional fuel tank,” as described by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).
More information on Tri-League Little League Coach Pitch can be found at this link,

   Minors (boys or girls 9 to 10) Majors (boys or girls 11 to 12)   
Juniors (boys or girls 13 to 14) Seniors (boys or girls (15 to 16)

Our Minors divisions are the first real taste of Little League Baseball or Softball for our youth. 
The season for these divisions begin the first week of May
Regular season games are played in May & June 

Players making Tri-League All Star teams will advance to the District Tournament,
If any of our teams win District they will advance to State, Regionals then may advance to the Little League World Series which is broadcasted live on ESPN!

All tournaments are held in the month of July

All teams will be scheduled a 12 to 15 game regular season

Games will be played in Cleveland and at suburban locations against other leagues in our District
Teams will be scheduled games during the week against other Tri-League Little League teams and against leagues in our district closest to us.

Teams may be scheduled double headers on Saturdays during the regular season,
those games will be at either Cleveland or other district league locations

All players have the opportunity to make the Division All Star team, and the possibility to advance to the
Little League World Series in Williamsport PA or Greensville NC played live on ESPN!

The competition and skills of other teams in our district will challenge our players like never before! 

These opportunities are only available to our youth that register for Tri-League Little League!
These opportunities are not available at other leagues in the City of Cleveland!

Our 17 & 18 year old boys and girls teams will be entered into the City of Cleveland's R.B.I. program

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